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Heroic Returns, part 1

One of my resolutions was to reread a fic I write partner on, More Between Us, and to rewatch Heroes. I need to knock out two each week - chapters and episodes. There's 78 episodes, plus 13 Reborn, and 130ish MBU chapters.

Monday evening I read through the first two chapters of MBU. That was fun, especially to see how we've evolved as writers. And editors. We had a bunch of grammar errors and typos that slipped through, about evenly distributed between us. Now I'm watching the first Heroes episode again and that's pretty interesting, too.

The first character we see is Peter, throwing himself off a building in a dream, and then flying. Then we see him for real. Then Mohinder. Then Noah. It's a triad of characters who drive the story - Mohinder and Noah more than Peter, though. Peter is really lost here at the start, railing at his brother and later Simone about how he doesn't know what he's supposed to be, that he knows his destiny is in front of him and he needs help tackling it. Both turn him away. It's interesting to see Sandra trying to actively support Claire in growing up and being herself. In the end, it's a journey you have to take yourself. While I think it's tempting to blame Nathan and Simone for giving Peter the cold shoulder, I'm not sure that helping him would have worked much. Or maybe it would have - I don't know.

I'm thinking the cash Peter gives Mohinder in the taxi is the tip, which would make sense if the fare was being clocked to a credit card.

There's a whole row of dog trophies behind Sandra as she sits at the table, feeding Mr. Muggles off her finger.

Peter spacing out over the paintings while Isaac lies there overdosed is still odd, but it fits in with Peter desperately grasping for meaning in things.

I'm watching this stuff because I called in sick to work. I went to work out this morning and frankly, couldn't. I couldn't run - my knee hurt and jogging made my head ache. I had this headache that wouldn't quit. It made me very, very irritable. Everything was hurting me. Flexing made my head throb, anything that raised my heart rate made my head throb. My left knee and elbow were hurting. My shoulders and lower back hurt. I gave up after a while and went home. A hot shower, message to my boss, and four hours of sleep later, here I am rewatching the show.



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