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The Master of All Fic Masterlists

All works of fiction are listed in order of descending length. My current total word count is 2.037 million words, although about 200,000 of that is by means2bhuman in More Between Us Than a Wall. So my sole contribution is around 1.837 million. For those interested in crunching the numbers, my fiction is about 90% Petlar.

Originally, my masterlist was a single post, but almost as soon as I made it, I outstripped the maximum post length for LJ. To fix that, I created two subsidiary masterlists, one for Petlar and one for everything else, but quickly outstripped that as well. Now I have a Petlar list that includes Peter/Sylar, Peter/Gabriel, and combinations thereof, where those characters are the main figures in the story and are, become, or can be assumed to be romantically involved. The Non-Petlar list includes Peter and Sylar platonic. The third list is for other fandoms and crossovers, so you might find Petlar in the Harry Potter universe in it, or Sylar in Star Trek.

A deliciously obscene amount of Petlar

Proof that I do indeed write things other than Petlar

Fic that is not exclusively Heroes (includes Heroes crossovers to other AUs)

Journal Notes
I adore comments and reviews, constructive criticism, and even random stuff. Feel free to friend me, but if we don't talk much or I don't know you, please don't feel bad if I don't friend back. A lot of my journal is fic, but I also sound off about feminism and share about my personal life here.
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I've been away four years

Maybe I should come back to LiveJournal? I must say I'm very disappointed about Tumblr, Twitter, and Discord as platforms for fandom. I've been off in Star Wars, enjoyed the heck out of it, but ... I dunno. TROS was a punch to the gut. I was talking to someone today (in the manner that you do on Tumblr, which means posting into the void just about) and saying how much better LiveJournal was for fannish communities. Which made me check to see if my login here was still valid. After a password reset, it was, so here I am.

My personal life has gone wonderfully over the last four years. COVID has made little change in that. I now own my house and car outright. I have enough money socked away that I should be able to retire in ten years. My health is good. My family is fine. I have no legal troubles. I have a good job, short commute, unobjectionable coworkers, and job security. I have a purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu now. I have a cat and once again I own chickens. I have a boyfriend whom I've been with for ... five years now?

Anyway, I don't want to get bogged down in what's basically a test post. If you're still on LJ and on my friends list, let me know! I see a few of you folk out there on my notifications, so I know a few of you are still active.

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Heroic Returns, part 3

So tonight I'm rewatching the third Heroes episode, One Giant Leap. To keep up with my resolution, I should have done it last week, but ... well ... I could claim DVD player problems, but I got those tackled Sunday and then didn't rewatch all week. Whatever.

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Book review: Ultimate Bar Book

Those hardy few who read my entries might have noticed one of my New Year's resolutions was to get acquainted with alcohol. It seems like a weird thing to me for a 43 year old person to do who is primarily interested in clean living, staying sober and level-headed, and making sure I don't develop alcoholic patterns like my father. But it's an important part of our culture meaning that a basic literacy in it is useful for anyone to be properly socialized, and I'm done with being intolerant and afraid of something that brings pleasure to many. Plus, I want to be a badass and being a badass (to me) includes a familiarity with alcohol (and exercising proper self-control in imbibing it).

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2016 Resolutions and stuff

I've been thinking about my 2016 goals off and on for a month now. It's been difficult, because I'm very happy with where I'm at right now. If I can just have a repeat of 2015, then everything is awesome. But I want some goals to move towards. Here's what I've settled on in the last few days:

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I'm about halfway through a hot buttered rum at the moment, so I'll stop there. Looks like a good list.